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Built In Mini Fridge

built in mini fridge

day ninetyseven. sailor jerry and roast chicken

day ninetyseven. sailor jerry and roast chicken

today was one of david's best friends birthday, so he decided to invite them over to the flat for dinner and drinks.. just me, david, chris and his gf ali. i made a roast dinner.. my first ever... whole roast chicken and roast potatoes and some gorgeous roast veg with rosemary and lemon tyme...

we drank and laughed and had a mini war, girls versus boys.. all i'm saying is a fortress was built :)

It's a start..

It's a start..

Moved in to the new studio space today. It's in a building full of practice spaces for bands, actually the same room I rented a few years ago. Now I'm sharing it with a couple of dudes that are writing some really great stuff, just haven't filled out the lineup yet.

It's not much, but it's a start!

built in mini fridge

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